Tennis Academy

TGA COMP | Competition Academy


Aimed at players with a view to local and national competitions and who are looking for Part-Time training.

The TGA Competition Academy is intended for all those players who stand out for a higher level of expertise and skill in their game.
Therefore, it is necessary to offer them more applications and variety of games, in order to achieve a reaffirmation and assumption of all the processes learned in the basic school.
For these players, the whole process of competition, mental training, assimilation of pressure, etc., begins.

TGA Competition Method

A method that includes technical, tactical and mental aspects.


Creation of a consistent game with a rhythm.
Application of the different variations of the game, working the concepts of anticipation and use of percentages.
We work looking for the acceleration and power of the blows, footwork, flexibility and balance in different areas of the court.


The player is introduced to competition tactics, game situations, planning and use of different types of games and players.


We work on the increase of concentration capacity, with visualization exercises, situation, pressure and rhythm of the game. We make the player master relaxation techniques, breathing and rituals. We promote self-confidence, positive attitude, fun and enjoyment.

TGA Competition Method

A method that includes technical, tactical and mental aspects.

  • PLAYERS Aimed at players looking for local and national competitions with a Part-Time training plan.
    Edades comprendidas entre los 10 y los 16 años.

  • TOURNAMENTS Torneos Nacionales
    Tennis Internacionales
    Monday to Saturday:
    2 hours of Tennis.
    1 hour of Physical Preparation.
  • SCHEDULES Monday to Sunday:
    9:00h a 22:00h
    365 days a year
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