Tennis Academy

TGA Adult Academy

For all those who want to improve their tennis skills and are of legal age.

The TGA Adult Academy maintains the TGA philosophy and methodology, but adapted to the Senior category.

In this way, we foster a more playful and social environment, creating a very pleasant and positive atmosphere that helps to increase social relations among our students.

We organize leagues, mixings, tournaments, dinners, etc...

The TGA Adult Academy is divided into different levels to suit all players, from those who are in a learning phase, to those seeking participation in Sennior tournaments.


This is the phase in which we begin to work on technique in a more analytical and progressive way, applying a teaching method in which the player advances little by little with progressions and more complex exercises, reaffirming the technical process and initiating the players in tactics with the creation of a primary pattern of play.

In this phase, the TGA Method is developed through a combination of the global analytical system, with the use of reciprocal exercises. In this way we achieve that the player controls his movements, improves the speed, depth and height of the ball and improves the overall technique.


In this phase we begin to work on the special strokes (effects), using the advanced teaching method in a combined, analytical and global way. We managed to reaffirm the technique and learning the system of footwork and variants of the player. We also begin advanced tactics.

The TGA methodology is a global system with a system of drills, fixed and combined exercises, etc. At the tactical level, game situations and their different variants, game rhythms, precision, percentages, etc. will be simulated.



Creation of a consistent game with a rhythm.
Application of the different variations of the game, working the concepts of anticipation and use of percentages.
We work looking for the acceleration and power of the blows, footwork, flexibility and balance in different areas of the court.


The player is introduced to competition tactics, game situations, planning and use of different types of games and players.


We work on the increase of concentration capacity, with visualization exercises, situation, pressure and rhythm of the game. We make the player master relaxation techniques, breathing and rituals. We promote self-confidence, positive attitude, fun and enjoyment.

  • PLAYERS Intended for those over 18 years of age who wish to improve their tennis level and are looking for senior competitions.

    For all levels and in groups of 3 - 4 students per session.
  • TOURNAMENTS Local Tournaments
    Circuitos Nacionales
    Marca U16 Tournaments
    Tennis Europe
    Monday to Saturday:
    2 hours of Tennis.
    1 hour of Physical Preparation.
  • SCHEDULES Monday to Sunday:
    9:00h a 22:00h
    365 days a year

TGA Senior

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